A good night in Victoria

Sometimes you get a couple of good ones on the same night!

Not always, but sometimes. I'm always trying, of course, because who wants to go home without a bunch of good photos? Not me. Heck, I spent time and money getting there. I have to make it worthwhile, right? So on this particular night in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada I happened to get a nice sunset and then a lovely blue hour.

These shots are literally just a few steps apart, so it's not like I was wandering all over the place. It barely evens qualifies as walking, and certainly it's not exercise. But hey, I got some shots that I like, so no complaints from me.

I spent quite a while at the BC Parliament Building (first photo) during that lovely sunset, before hopping across the street to fire away at the Empress Hotel during blue hour (second photo). The entire town is pretty small, but this harbor area is really pretty and quite photogenic, so no need to go elsewhere anyways. :-)