That glorious graffiti in London

Leake Street in London is a sight to behold! Well, if you like graffiti, that is.

As you know from being a longtime reader - wait, you ARE a longtime reader, right? - I absolutely love to seek out the best graffiti when I travel. It's a thing. Of course I go see the "big, important stuff" and also seek out lesser known spots to photograph. And all that stuff is great. But I get really fired up about graffiti.

I don't know where this started, or even why I like it so much, but for years on my travels I have sought out graffiti. I guess I can appreciate that someone is able to craft their art and put it on public display in a big, obvious way. And I like that it's fleeting in nature. This stuff changes all the time.

But I guess it's really that I just like art, and self-expression, and the temporary nature of it all. So when in London, Leake Street is where I get my fix. This is a short, 5 minute walk from the London Eye, so you're not really even going out of your way. And yes it's totally safe. I have been here during the day and at night, and apart form people walking by and some artists at work, it's never busy. And the art is pretty darn spectacular too.