Magnolia Pearl

I have no idea what is inside this place, but the outside is a dream.

We were in Fredericksburg, TX over the Christmas weekend, hanging out and having some nice family time. When we were driving into town, I passed this store (I assume it's a store, I am not really sure) and noticed several rusted old trucks out front. I made a mental note and a steadfast vow to return - and soon.

On Christmas Eve, I was granted a little free time to go shoot and I made a beeline right here. The town was quiet and this place was all closed up, but as I said all the goodies were outside so I fired brackets like a madman for about 30 minutes. There are several old rusted trucks as well as a tractor, so as you can imagine I was cranking out the HDR brackets rapidly. I have a lot to process from here but this was the first one.

3 exposure HDR merged in Aurora HDR with several filters applied for effect