Creating a Cinematic Orange and Teal Look in Luminar

Have you noticed the popularity of the "orange and teal" look?

I never paid attention to this "look" until someone sent me an email and asked how he could create this look. Once I started experimenting with it, I started noticing it EVERYWHERE. It's in movies, all over Instagram and more. And now that I have spent a lot of time recreating the look, I like it quite a bit and better understand the attraction of using it.

Orange and teal sit on opposite ends of the color spectrum, and thus they are very complementary. And yes, the first photo I edit is the same image as I shared in yesterday's blog post. No, I'm not double-posting the same shot, it's just that I finally have the video ready and the timing is what it is. But check out the video because I edit 4 pics in it. Enjoy!

Have you noticed the "orange and teal" look on Instagram or in the movies? It's quite popular, and frankly really easy to reproduce in Luminar. Check out this quick tutorial on creating that same look in your photos. Get Luminar here: