Night on the Old Bridge

There's just something about German architecture.

I absolutely love Germany. It's such a gorgeous country and I have adored the architecture there for many years. I also love bridges, and when I knew I was going to visit Heidelberg, Germany I knew that I wanted to get several shots of the Old Bridge there (aka the Alte Brucke). Although I was only there 2 nights, that was plenty for me to get out and capture this beautiful bridge.

I shot on the bridge looking both directions and I shot from the side of the bridge, doing everything I could think of to really capture it. This was one of my very last shots that night, as I was wrapping it up and heading back to the hotel.

This is the gate at the end of the bridge which is closest to the Altstadt (Old Town). I love those onion domes and the whole looks just screams Germany to me. 

When I first edited this photo, I edited it this way:

I really like this shot and had absolutely no intentions of changing it up. But I have been experimenting with a lot of color shifts lately, and in particular one look that is fairly popular: the orange and teal look. So I decided to give this one a go with the orange and teal look, and ended up with what you see below. After spending a lot of time experimenting with orange and teal, I actually think that I like it better for this shot. What do you think?