The rooftops of Prague

So many great views in Prague!

Prague may be one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen. It's certainly in the top 2 or 3 (I have a soft spot for Paris!). The city really is gorgeous, and I love that there are multiple spots where you can climb up and get an aerial view over the rooftops. You can't do that very easily in a lot of cities. You don't even have to be sneaky about trying to get these views. No breaking in necessary. They just come with the territory.

For example, a couple of these are views from the towers on either end of the Charles Bridge. From them you can see rooftops in three directions and the amazing bridge in the other.  Another one of these views is from the top of the Old Town Hall building, which is right in the middle of their Old Town Square. You can even take an elevator to the top, and then you can literally see for miles. You can see St Vitus Cathedral in the distance, and a multitude of things much closer. That might be the best view in town.

So if you ever go to Prague, be sure and visit these spots and have the camera ready (and make sure it's secured to you somehow, just in case, since you may be leaning over the side at times). You'll be glad you did! And don't hesitate to return to these spots a couple of times. With weather changes you will get different results. You can see the below photo is from the same spot as the last one but they are totally different due to the sky differences.

And by the way, if you are looking for photo spots to capture on your trip to Prague, I have a list right here of the Top Photo Spots in Prague. I collected these over my last visit there and there are over 20 spots to photograph. It's really an amazing city. Enjoy it!