A visit to Viktualienmarkt

This is a farmer's market in Munich, and it's awesome!

When we were in Munich, one thing I wanted to see was the Viktualienmarkt. It's like a big farmer's market with a lot of various food stalls, but it's permanent. It covers an entire town square and it's just around the corner from the Marienplatz, which is sort of like the main town square.

So we walked through here a few times, having lunch or a beer whenever we passed through. I find these sort of things really interesting. It's like getting a glimpse into daily life in a place, even though I assume there are a lot of tourists here, too. You can purchase all sorts of foods and snacks and there are picnic table set up everywhere so you can get a beer and just chill and watch the people.

I spent a lot of time wandering with the camera of course, taking shots of the market itself as well as some of the buildings that surround the square. I have a thing for German architecture so I was pretty much always distracted when we were here!