The Natural Bridge

Found this little gem in British Columbia, and I'm so glad that I stopped!

After we left Banff, we headed towards Vancouver with a planned visit to Emerald Lake en route. I had seen some amazing pics of Emerald Lake and since it was just a short detour off the highway it made total sense to check it out.

It was well worth it (and I just realized I haven't edited those pics yet), but upon heading back to the highway we saw a sign for the Natural Bridge and decided to pop in there and see what it was.

Basically, it's where a river has eroded rock to sort of make a bridge across the river with the water running under/through the rock. It's beautiful, and I'm glad we stopped. It was also crowded as hell, but then again this was high summer season. While I didn't dare walk out there as this young lady did, I certainly found a few spots to take it all in (and take some photos, too).