The 66 Diner

On my trip across Arizona and New Mexico along Route 66, I dedicated one evening to Albuquerque, simply so that I could visit the 66 Diner. I had seen photos of it before and it looked interesting enough to stop for. The timing was good for an evening shoot and so once I got a hotel and dropped my bags, I went in search of it.

Thankfully the drive was only a couple of miles, because when I left the hotel I could see that the light was starting to get interesting. As you can see, the sunset ended up being just incredible! I stood here and took many photographs for a long while and am very happy with them. Sadly, I didn't have enough time to run off and find another vantage point for the sunset. That's a problem I have when the light is great - I'm never happy capturing just one place in that light, I always want more!