An afternoon at Emerald Lake

This place is well worth a stop!

When we left Banff and headed towards Vancouver, there was one stop in particular that I wanted to make - Emerald Lake. I had heard about it from another photographer that I chatted with while I was at Moraine Lake one evening. It sounded gorgeous, and when I looked at the pics online I knew I wanted to see it.

We arrived about mid-day and the parking lot was a total mess. There were cars everywhere and even tour buses trying to find a place to stop. I was a little anxious because I knew this wasn't a place I could easily return to, and selfishly I wanted to get my shots.

Luckily, most of the tourists were on the trails or in the restaurant, because it was really easy for me to set up and take some shots. This is one of the first places I came across after leaving the parking lot. I think those red canoes just pop against all the greens and blues in the scene, and that's what caught my eye here.