The Blue Swallow Motel

I finally made it here and it's awesome!

I have wanted to visit this motel for many years now. I had seen photos online and just knew it was something I had to photograph myself. Well I finally had the chance during my Route 66 trip!

The Blue Swallow Motel is located in Tucumcari, NM along historic Route 66. That town was my destination for a night during my recent Route 66 drive. There were several things on my list for that town, so I knew I wanted to spend the night to make sure I had enough time to see them all.

On the day I was planning to arrive there, I was looking online for hotel rooms nearby and most everything was open, but uninspiring. You know, just boring chain hotels that were all sort of "blah" looking. Then I just happened to look at the website for the Blue Swallow Motel, and called them. They had a room and I took it, so I actually got to spend the night here, too. It was excellent!

I went to an early dinner so I could have plenty of time around sunset and blue hour to shoot here. While I was eating, it started raining. I was really worried that it would rain all night and I would miss my one chance to shoot here. Luckily, it stopped about the time I finished eating, and though the sunset wasn't much the blue hour with all the storm clouds was fantastic. I stood here for about an hour and took countless shots of the motel. I absolutely loved it.

The owners are really nice and you are welcome to photograph it to your hearts content - so I did!