Macphun's Luminar is flying high!

Macphun provides another update to Luminar - this time for aerial photographers!

My friends at Macphun continue to innovate and push forward with updates and additions to their award-winning product Luminar. It’s my go-to editor for EVERY PHOTO and in my opinion it’s a true masterpiece of photo-editing software. I absolutely love it. (Read about it here.)

Well now there is a new, free update available for existing customers and it’s called Luminar Aerial (technically it’s an enhancement to the existing Neptune release). It contains a few new additions primarily centered around the idea of editing your aerial photos. They partnered with DJI (makers of the best drones - I fly a DJI Magic Pro myself and love it) and many drone photographers to craft this update.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Aerial Workspace - Unique new workspace that features the most commonly used editing filters for aerial photographers, including Macphun’s AI-powered Accent, Dehaze, Polarize and Clarity filters, and more.
  • Whites / Blacks filter - This new filter makes setting white and black points effortless.
  • One-click Aerial Presets - Instant styling and creative exploration for aerial photos.

If you want to read about it on the Macphun site, just click right here

If you would like to see it in action, here's my video tour of the new features:

Here's a quick overview of the updates Macphun just made to Luminar. It's mostly focused on aerial photography, though it's really good for any type of photo. You get a new workspace, a new filter, and a new set of presets! And yes it's a free update for current users!

I’ve been experimenting with this Aerial release for a little while now and must say that it works beautifully on my aerial shots taken with my drone (and on any type of short, really). I am pretty new to aerial photography, admittedly, but boy has it really captured my imagination. Since I have been on this lengthy road trip I have been capturing a lot of video and photos with my DJI Mavic Pro. It’s offering me some new perspectives, which is great. You'll see a lot more from me on this,

How about a couple of screenshots? Here's some preset views.


There's a new Aerial Photography workspace, too. It contains the following filters: Color Temp, Accent AI, Whites/Blacks (a new filter in Luminar!), Dehaze, Polarizing Filter, Saturation/Vibrance, Clarity, Top & Bottom Lighting, Sharpening, and Golden Hour. It's great!

And there's also the new Whites/Blacks filter. It's great for adding contrast and controlling the light in an image.

Below are some of my recent drone photos, all edited in Luminar!

If you want to learn more about Luminar, you can do so right here. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!