Crafting Epic Landscapes with Aurora HDR and Luminar

Here's my latest video - and it's all about editing epic landscapes!

I love to shoot landscapes as much as everyone else does, but sadly I don't get to them very often. However on this epic family roadtrip we are doing, we stopped for a week in Banff, Canada and I was able to capture a LOT of landscape photos.

My favorite destination there was Moraine Lake. It's a glacially-fed alpine lake surrounded by amazing mountain peaks. the water is an incredible blue color and you just can't argue with the scenery. It's pretty amazing.

So I take a 3 exposure bracket set shot at sunset, and merge them to HDR in Aurora HDR before taking that blended image over to Luminar for some stylizing. It's about 10 minutes of video, but I cover a lot of ground and offer up a bunch of tips, too. Enjoy!