Drone footage: Haystack Rock sunset

I've been enjoying my drone quite a bit, and starting to learn how to better take and edit video with this addicting little machine of awesomeness. It's been fun. Here's my first "creation", if you will, which is a 20 second snippet of video from a lovely sunset I shot in Oregon last week.

I inadvertently left the audio on when I was flying, and there was a guy on the beach asking me a bunch of questions about my drone, so when I watched the footage I heard that conversation all over again! Easily enough though I was able to pull the audio out of it and instead I added in a musical clip from Cirque du Soleil, a song I love called "Alegria". I really enjoyed creating this video, with the music, so I think I will make more of these. Enjoy!

Hi everyone, here's a quick clip from a recent drone flight I did at Haystack Rock in Oregon during a lovely sunset. I added some music ("Alegria" by Cirque du Soleil) for a little fun. I've been on a road trip and will get back to the Macphun videos as soon as I can!