Luminar for Windows Open Beta!

Well my friends, Luminar for Windows is getting much closer!  Sign up now to get into the public beta of Luminar for Windows!

It's no secret that I think Luminar is the best photo editing software available. I have been using it since before it was released, and continue to use it to this day. It's just so capable, versatile and fun. It's been a real joy to use on my photos.

Over the last year or so, I have heard from many of you that use a Windows PC and since all of the Macphun apps have historically been Mac-based, you have had to sit on the sidelines and miss all the fun. Well, it's getting close to when you can jump into Luminar too.

The open, public beta of Luminar is now available!

You can sign up here, and get a copy to start experimenting with. Dive in, have some fun, and enjoy. I truly believe this will be a game-changer for you, just as it was for me. Go get it!

Please note the following about the beta version of Luminar for Windows:

  • Beta version is not the final version and features are subject to change
  • Current beta version does not include all of the features/tools that the final release version will
  • Final version will be released late 2017

Luminar looks good on Windows! And yes, that is my photo of Copenhagen. :-)

Jim, tell me more about Luminar!

Here are some key things to know about this amazing product:

  1. Great for all types of photographers: beginner, enthusiast or professional
  2. Great for all types of photos: landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, urbex, monochromes and more
  3. Supports JPG, PNG, TIFF and many RAW file formats
  4. Scalable and adaptive user interface
  5. Over 50 one-click presets for quick adjustments
  6. Over 40 built-in image enhancement filters for customizing an image
  7. Brushes and masking included
  8. RAW file conversion
  9. Non-destructive editing
  10. Layers for detailed control

There is just so much that I can't write it all here, so get the beta version and see for yourself!

Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite!

(Note: these are NOT my photos. They were supplied by Macphun.)

Between the presets, the filters and all of the other good stuff in Luminar, you will find many new ideas and looks for your photos. From landscapes to portraits - and everything in between - Luminar excels at photo editing, period. It doesn't matter what style of photo it is, you can do just about anything you want to do with that photo. From simple, minor corrections to large, let's-overhaul-this-thing sort of edits, Luminar will help you get it done, easily and quickly.

Interested in my free Luminar resources? Need some training? Here you go! This will help you get started.

The Windows version works just like the Mac version, so despite all my videos being done on a Mac, the product will work the same way for you. Take a look and learn something new.

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Feeling excited about Luminar yet? Good! It's an exciting product!

Sign up for the Windows Public Beta and start making amazing photos, right now. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions! You are going to love this!

Note that the final-final-final version of Luminar for Windows is expected late this year. There is not an exact date yet, but obviously it's getting much closer since Macphun has now entered Public Beta. Stay tuned for more updates on a final release date. As soon as it is known, I will be sure to provide an update here!