The grandeur of Moraine Lake

Wow, what a place! I already want to go back!

I absolutely loved it here at Moraine Lake outside of Banff, in the Canadian Rockies. It's about an hour from Banff and worth every minute of your time, believe me. This place is just incredibly gorgeous, even if you don't care about taking photos. Just look at it!

This photo is my favorite from this trip, thus far. I had climbed up to the top of the rock pile that sits at the end of the lake, and had been taking some HDR brackets before I decided to go for a long exposure. I used my MeFoto Roadtrip tripod, and my Vu Filters 10 stop filter. Although I usually shoot in Aperture mode, for these long exposures I use Manual.

Once in Manual Mode, I choose Bulb and then make sure I have my remote trigger attached to the camera. I use it to depress the shutter, and lock it in place until the time is reached. It's a bit of experimentation trying to find the right exposure time and f/stop for these shots. I moved it around a little until I got something that looked good. It's fun to experiment with these, especially with the 10 stop filter since you can get such long exposures.

Sony A7II, f/16, ISO 100, 16-35mm wide angle lens, 200 seconds