A moody look at Hallstatt

Oh, this town! So awesome!

I have wanted to visit Hallstatt, Austria for many years. I had seen countless photos of it online, and knew that I just had to get there. When we were in Germany back in April, we made a 4 day stop in Salzburg, Austria before heading on to Prague. This was my chance!

Everyone agreed we should visit, so we rented a car and spent the day there. It was amazing. It actually started snowing on me while I was shooting that evening! For a guy from Texas, that is a novelty. I loved it.

This is the classic view of the town from an elevated road, and it's a wonderful spot from which to view the town. I was here a couple of times that day, but this evening session was the most fun. Interestingly, I had it entirely to myself except for a few minutes when another guy showed up and took a few shots. Yep, all mine. So awesome!