Sunset in Firenze

Ah, lovely Florence - such a gorgeous town!

Florence, Italy - known to Italians as Firenze - is the birthplace of the Renaissance and one hell of an amazing city. I loved our visit there last year, and was lucky enough to have some pretty nice light a couple of evenings there. Good light always makes a trip more memorable. ;-)

I was set up on one of the many bridges that span the Arno River, waiting for sunset and pretty much just enjoying life. It was busy but not overwhelmingly crowded. I could easily get a nice spot to shoot from, so I moved around a little bit in order to try different compositions.

Mostly my target was in the other direction from this photo, which is the Ponte Vecchio, their famous "old bridge" that crosses the river. But for this photo I walked to the other side of the bridge in order to capture the beautiful sunset that was happening behind me.

It pays to move around and experiment when you are out shooting. If I had been just focused in the other direction, I would have missed this, and that would have been terrible. :-)