A look at Neuschwanstein Castle

It's just the most famous castle in the world...that's all. ;-)

I love castles, and when we were planning our Germany trip I knew I would get to see a few of them. My main target was this beauty, Neuschwanstein, which is just outside the little town of Fussen in southern Germany (Bavaria, to be precise).

I have been here twice before, but this was my first real visit as a photographer. When you finish the tour of the inside, you can go for a short hike up above the castle and out onto a suspension bridge (which is quite sturdy, so not to worry) for this amazing view.

It was a bright sunny day, so my photos from there reflect that fact. In other words, it wasn't exactly flattering light, but nonetheless it's an amazing place to visit. In this case I took the photo into Analog Efex Pro to give it a sort of textured, vintage treatment. Enjoy!