Macphun releases Luminar Neptune!


More awesomeness from Macphun - they just keep on giving!

I assume by now you know that I absolutely LOVE Luminar by Macphun. It’s my go-to editor for every photo, and it works wonders. It’s incredibly powerful and continues to innovate. That’s why I recommend that you drop the Nik Collection and adopt Macphun right away (I wrote that a couple of weeks ago, and now this new Luminar update is out - great timing to prove my point!).

Today Macphun is announcing another update to Luminar, adding in several new features, performance improvements, and more. It's a free update to current users!

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

If you don't have Luminar yet, be sure to read the special offer below!! It’s a great deal my friends!

New Feature Highlights in Luminar Neptune:

  • Accent - AI-filter – Uses artificial intelligence to create stunning images with a single slider movement, tapping into the power of dozens of filters.
  • Quick & Awesome workspace – A workspace consisting of the Accent AI, Saturation & Vibrance and Clarity filters. Great for achieving fast results in a fun and easy way.
  • Plug-in integration with Creative Kit and Aurora HDR 2017 – Seamlessly access Macphun’s other photo editing tools you own with Luminar as the host application
  • Brush, Gradient and Radial Gradient tools – Dramatically faster performance yields smoother selective editing.
  • Vignette filter – Addition of Vignette Styles, Place Center and Pre- and Post-Crop modes deliver even more flexibility to this popular photo finishing tool.
  • Memory management – Increased overall performance for large files and 5+ simultaneous open images.
  • User Interface changes – Extensive improvements to in-app animation and mode transitions make for a more pleasing editing experience.
  • Crop tool update – Added the ability to specify custom crop ratios.
  • Local history – Provision for reviewing separate history while in Transform, Denoise, Clone & Stamp modes helps optimize editing.

Some  quick personal experience insights into these new features:

I have been using Neptune for about a week now, and absolutely love it. I think you will too. The new Accent AI filter is AWESOME and I have been using it on a bunch of photos. So cool, quick and easy! The new workspace, Quick and Awesome, is very helpful too. It's a combo of the Accent AI, Saturation/Vibrance, and Clarity filters. Works every time! I will often start with that workspace and then add another few filters to the image, depending on what I am trying to accomplish.

The plug-in integration with other Creative Kit apps is really helpful, though of course this is only when using Luminar in standalone mode, when it can function as the host app. Nonetheless, I do that a lot and so now I can quickly pop over to Aurora, Focus, etc if I want to. That's great to have at your fingertips!

The update to the Vignette filter is super handy and I love the "place center" option which I have wanted for quite a while. All the other stuff is great too, but these are the highlights from my experience over the last week. I also took a few minutes and recorded a video showing Neptune in action. In this video, I edit 4 different photos, rather quickly, and of course I use the Accent AI filter every time. I know you will enjoy it!

Here's a video wherein I edit 4 photos using the new filters, workspace and more:

Macphun just updated Luminar to the Neptune release, and it's packed with some awesome new stuff. Here's me editing 4 different photos in Luminar/Neptune to give you a feel for the new features. Enjoy!

Bottom line is that this amazing app just keeps getting better! Thank you Macphun for continuing to innovate!

Go get your free update if you are a current user!

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Not convinced yet? Take a free test drive!

At the very least, go download a free trial of Luminar and give it a test drive. It's an amazing product and one that I use literally every single day. I love it and I feel like it is the most powerful and flexible photo editor out there today! I think after you use it a little and get familiar with it, you will agree.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by!