A lovely view in Salzburg

This is a pretty classic view of Salzburg, Austria

While I do like to find my own views when I travel, I can't pass up a photo opp, even if it's been done to death. Classic view are classic for a reason - they are usually pretty awesome. In this case, I went looking for this one.

I could sort of tell where it was shot from, although it's actually a little further away from the castle than you might think by looking at the photo. This is from Mirabell Palace and Gardens, which is actually across the river and a ways back from the castle you see in the distance.

Though I wanted to find this view, I stumbled upon it accidentally. I was walking from my hotel to town and stopping along the way to shoot. When I got to Mirabell, I decided to explore it a bit, and found the view I was looking for. A happy accident!