A morning on the Charles Bridge

A lovely spot in Prague, especially at sunrise!

I was just in Prague barely a week ago, and I've been missing it ever since I left. It's such a beautiful town, and there is so much to shoot there. You'll be seeing a lot from Prague in the coming weeks, as I work my way through all these photos. I did my best to capture it all, and spent one morning up early so I could get shots like these from the Charles Bridge.

The Charles Bridge is an iconic structure in Prague and believe me when I tell you that it can get seriously crowded. During the daytime it is literally elbow-to-elbow. There are so many tourists walking around and vendors selling their wares that it's a bit of a madhouse.

Hence, I got up one morning at 4:30am so I could get my butt over here and fire away in the pre-dawn quiet. It was incredible. There were less than a handful of people on the bridge - some apparently returning home after a rather lengthy night out - and a couple of other photographers. Otherwise, it was miss and it was blissfully empty. So nice.