An excellent new promo on Macphun's Luminar


With this new offer from Macphun, you get Luminar + 1 Month KelbyOne Membership + Portrait Presets from Scott Kelby for only $69! It's a total value of $99. This is a savings of 30%!  It's really a great deal.  

Click through to the Macphun website to read all about it!

Save $10 more when you use my code!

Save $10 more when you use my code!

Pricing as low as $49 for Macphun users if you use my coupon code, or $59 for non Macphun users that use my coupon code.

Use my coupon code JIMNIX to get the extra savings!

Availability: Tuesday April 11th - Wednesday May 3rd


With this great new offer you get:

  • Luminar, The Supercharged photo editor for Mac that adapts to your skill level. 
  • 12 portrait presets created by Scott Kelby - One of the world's most prolific photography authors and educators.
  • 1 Month of access to KelbyOne training where you can learn everything you need to know about photography.

Extra stuff for Luminar!

Don't forget you can enhance your Luminar experience with my preset packs.  I have several different packs available and they range in price from $5-$10.  Click on the images below to check them out and see sample images and more.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Two more things to think about - and they are free!

Get the most out of Luminar by visiting my Luminar Tips page!  I cover a LOT of stuff there and it will all help you maximize your use of this amazing product.

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