Welcome to Texas

I'm not a product photographer, but I'm willing to experiment.

I've never been one to try and photograph products, although I do like to shoot interesting subjects.  I've never set up a mini studio at home and tried my hand at shooting "objects".  I've seen plenty of incredible photos over the years, but it's admittedly not my thing.

But recently I was at Allen's Boots in downtown Austin and couldn't resist shooting all the amazing boots in the shop.  I can definitely get behind the idea of shooting this sort of thing.  I just love the look of leather boots.  You can bring up the details and make the colors pop, etc.  It's actually pretty fun to shoot and edit these.

I liked these blue boots, so I framed it up and shot.  In Luminar, I added a preset, a texture, and then a bunch of gradient masks to darken the edges.  It was fun!  I may have to go back there and shoot some more.  

Most importantly though, this has reminded me that getting in close and shooting some details is both a rewarding and interesting experience.  When I travel, I am often looking at the "big picture" sort of scene and frequently overlook things like this.  I am hoping this reminds me that even the smaller, close up stuff can make a worthy photograph.  Lesson learned (I hope!).