Wandering in Rome

So much amazingness in Rome!

I loved wandering in Rome.  It's an incredibly historic city, and thus there are a LOT of important sites to visit, but I admit that the most fun I had there came when I was just wandering aimlessly.

I have a thing for little back streets and the things you find in them, especially in Europe.  I guess I'm a Europhile at heart.  I love this stuff.  So when I wandered in Rome, I spent a lot of time poking my head (and camera!) down these little side streets and seeing what I could find.  It was great fun for me.

In particular, I loved wandering near Piazza Navona.  That part of town just seemed to really attract me.  There were lots of great cafes, some amazing gelato, and all of these little nooks and crannies to explore.  Good fun!