Just another amazing Italian church

The churches in Italy are just mind-blowing.

Everywhere we went in Italy resulted in me popping my head into a church.  It seems there is something amazing on every street.  It's really hard to get anywhere because of it.  I just have to take a look at these things!

This one is a perfect example.  We had a water taxi drop us at the train station as we were departing Venice (sad emoticon).  We had a little time before the train, so I popped over to this church which is next door to the train station.  I only had a few minutes to see it, but curiosity won out and I ran over here.

I expected it to be beautiful, but this little church, sitting next to the train station, was literally jaw-dropping.  And this isn't even a well-known church!  This is what awaits you in Italy my friends.  Just get over there as soon as you can!