Storm clouds over the Siegestor

This is a huge, beautiful arch in Munich!

I was really surprised about Munich. I expected to like it, but I wasn't sure how much I would like it. It turns out that I liked it quite a lot! (Although that might have to do with the many beer halls.)

We spent a few days in Munich, mostly without a firm plan. We had some general ideas about what we wanted to see, but didn't put a huge effort into planning. I like to have a list of things I want to see in a place, but I don't like being on a rigid time schedule. I like things to be a little free-flowing when I travel. It seems to work better for me when I do.

Anyway, we took a cab over to this part of town one afternoon, and the first thing I saw was this massive triumphal arch. It was basically what I headed directly for after leaving the cab. With these rain clouds coming in I had to make sure I got some shots before I got soaked!

As it turns out, it didn't even rain for a while. We left here and wandered in the massive English Garden nearby and then back into the historical center of Munich. A good day all around!

By the way, the arch is called the Siegestor and is modeled after the Arch of Constantine in Rome.