After sunset in Fussen

After a long day of seeing and shooting awesome stuff, we took it easy that evening and stayed in Fussen.  I still got a decent photo out of it!

Did you see my recent post about a stunning sunset in Fussen (it was a couple of days ago)?  Well, I shot that one for a bit, but left before it was even over because I had left my Mom in the car resting, and I felt a little bad about that.  Not bad enough to miss the sunset obviously, but somewhat bad.  Plus, there wasn't much else I could do composition-wise, considering where I was, so after a few dozen shots I left. I was happy with what I already had.

We got to the hotel and immediately went in search of dinner, which entailed a short walk across the street from our hotel to the old town center of Fussen.  The light was still pretty decent, and I'm a huge fan of shooting cityscapes here you go. I fired this while walking to dinner. Pretty exciting, huh?