A stunning sunset in Fussen

This was some amazing light!

I love it when this happens to me, which admittedly is not often enough! I had been at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany all of the afternoon, taking my Mom around to show her the sights and generally just enjoying the beauty of it (and yes, taking a lot of photos).

The clouds and light were only so-so, and when we were done up there I figured it wasn't worth the wait for any better light.  So, we left.  We stopped for dinner and then it was on the ride back to our hotel that the light started coming together in a big way.

I was driving and I literally did a u-turn in the street and pulled over to park.  There was a great pedestrian bridge over this river, and I had to shoot it!  The water in the river really is that beautiful green sort of color.  I am guessing it picks up minerals from mountain water run-off or something.  I'm not sure, but that's the actual color of the water. Then a swan decided to join me...