Arc de Triomphe

A landmark in Paris - and a must see spot!

I know some photographers only want to shoot things that are "original".  That is, they may avoid the common subjects in a city they visit because those things have been shot before, and literally millions of times.  While I completely understand that line of thinking, I don't agree with it.

I like to go shoot the "famous" stuff, even though everyone else does too.  I just like the stuff - it's famous for a reason.  Usually it's beautiful, interesting or some combination of both.  I see nothing wrong with capturing something that is well known.  It's great to view these things.

So when I travel, I make sure and stop by and see as much of the well-known stuff as I can.  To be clear, I also seek other the lesser-known spots, but I definitely don't avoid the big famous ones.  I'm happy to be there and I want to return with photographs of it.  It's fun right?