The Record Shop

Pretty much the coolest record shop anywhere!

When I was in LA a while back with my daughter, we spent an afternoon wandering up and down Melrose Avenue.  It's a fun area with a lot of unique stores.  I was there for the graffiti, too because there is a decent amount of that around.

Anyway, my daughter has a record player and loves it, so when we came up this used record store we had to stop in to check it out.  It was amazing!  They have SO MANY RECORDS.  Oh my, it was unbelievable.  There are actually more rooms in the store - this photo is just the front room.  You could get lost there.

The funny thing is that when you ask them if they have a particular record, the guy walks directly to where they are - and NOTHING IS MARKED.  It's like he has this entire thing memorized.  It was actually fascinating to watch.  I kept asking for some many random things, and he would walk to the right spot and pull out something by the artist.  Impressive!