Blue hour in Heidelberg

A lovely blue hour view of the Altstadt

I'm currently on an extended holiday covering a bunch of Germany. It's in celebration of my mother's 80th birthday which is coming up. She wanted to revisit Germany as well as see some new stuff, so that's what we are doing. First stop - Heidelberg!

We spent only 2 nights in Heidelberg, but it was great to visit this town again. The last time I was here was 2001. I doubt the altstadt (old town) has changed much, but regardless it was great to wander these streets and capture it with a proper camera and the skills to use it.

One shot I really wanted was this one I am sharing today. I wanted to capture blue hour looking over the river at the castle (which was lit up) and the bridge.  I got exactly what I wanted, plus a little bonus of a passing boat providing some light trails. A good start to the trip!