Twilight in Boston

A lovely evening of photography in Boston, Mass!

I have visited Boston a few times over the years, but it wasn't until this trip (which was over a year ago at this point) that I actually was able to photograph.  All the previous trips had been quick business meetings and all that jazz, so never time for photo work.

But this trip did allow me a little leeway, and I jumped on it.  I spent an evening down here with my friend Bob Lussier, firing away happily at this amazing skyline view - which I had wanted to shoot for years.  In fact, I was shooting Olympus at the time (as does Bob), and he let me borrow his wide angle lens for this one (I have since shifted over to shooting Sony).  It really allowed me to get all that awesomeness in the scene.

Of course, I processed this one in Luminar, and I used this photo as my "cover photo" when I launched my latest Luminar preset pack, Cityscapes.  It fit the bill quite well.  I just realized I hadn't shared it here on the here it is!  ;-)