Ruins at the Roman Forum

Rome is an incredible city to photograph, and the Roman Forum is one of the reasons.

I loved wandering around in Rome, ducking into side streets and finding so much history and architecture to photograph.  It's a bit of a photographic paradise.  Everything is old, historic and interesting.  I absolutely loved it.

We spent one afternoon touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and I loved it.  Even though it was the middle of a bright summer day (in other words, not ideal lighting conditions), I found so much to photograph and really enjoyed it.

This is one of the ruins in the Roman Forum.  I can't remember what it is exactly, but it looks like an old temple or something.  I just love this sort of thing, so I grabbed a quick shot.  However, as I said since it was a bright day, the shot was only so-so looking.

So I took it into Luminar and used one of my new presets, called "My City of Ruins", and that gave it a much more interesting and dramatic look. That preset is in my "Cityscapes" preset pack which you can find here.  Thanks for looking!