Vintage Notre Dame

Sometimes I just have to go a little old school on a photo!

If you have been here before, you know I love my colors.  Big, bold colors are just lovely to me.  So it's not often that I delve into Analog Efex Pro by Google/Nik Software, but when I do I am always glad that I did.

The vintage/film/analog looks you can get from this program are pretty awesome, and well since the software is free, you might as well get it, right?  It does allow you some fun options when deciding to go for a slightly different look.

Yes, I still love all my Macphun goodies, esp Luminar and Aurora HDR, but sometimes I need to switch it up to get a very different look.  I never use any of the other Google/Nik stuff anymore, just Analog Efex Pro.  It's kind of got a special place in my heart.

Anyway, I was shooting sunrise at Notre Dame in Paris and the sunrise was well past by the time I took this one.  I loved the scene though and the fact that it was a very different view of Notre Dame than you usually see.  So I opted to treat it a bit differently in post, and here you go!