Afternoon on the Brooklyn Bridge

This is a great place to shoot when you are in NYC!

I love bridges, and the Brooklyn Bridge is a pretty fantastic looking one.  I first shot it a few years ago, and try and make it there on each trip to the city.  Last time we were there I was able to squeeze in a visit one afternoon.  It's not exactly prime photo time, but it's fun nonetheless.

My daughter and I took a cab to the Brooklyn side of the bridge, and then walked the whole thing, shooting as we went.  It was pretty awesome, despite the bright light of a winter afternoon.

In today's shot, I had to wait a few moments for pedestrians and bicycles to clear a little, and then I just stepped into the middle and fired away.  I gave it a little bit of a vintage/faded look in Luminar, just to do something a little different.  While I love my big colors, I also love to experiment with different looks.  I don't always like what I come up with, but I do like the result in this one.