The best view in Bellagio Italy

I love standing in this spot!  I think it's the perfect view of Bellagio.

My wife and I first visited Bellagio, nestled along the shore of Lake Como in northern Italy, back in 2001.  We were on a European tour for a few weeks, and a couple we are great friends with had told us about it.  It sounded beautiful, so we decided to visit.

When we were there, we took a photo from this very spot.  This was back in the film days, so once we were home and we got it developed, we showed it to our friends.  Interestingly, they had taken a photo from this exact spot on their visit there.  Apparently, it's a shot everyone gets, though we didn't know it at the time.

On our trip to Bellagio last year, I once again climbed the stairs to the top of this lovely village and sought out this view one more time.  Sometimes you just have to take a photo again and again.  This is one of those times.  As you can see, we were there in bright daylight, so it's not some stunning sunset or blue hour, but nonetheless it's a photo that generates a lot of memories for me.  I love that tiny little village on the lake.  If you ever have the chance, be sure and visit...and be sure to stand here and take the shot too!