A street scene in Montmartre

Paris is just so beautiful.  Literally, every street is photo worthy!

I love wandering in Paris.  I find all of it beautiful.  It really is an incredible city.  On our last trip there we spent one evening in Montmartre.  I was chasing a few shots, which I got, and in between them we just wandered.  It was spectacular.  The blue hour was gorgeous and the temperature was just right.  

I actually find wandering in a city to be one of my favorite pastimes.  There is always something interesting to photograph, and it helps you get a better sense of the place that you would otherwise.  I try and get out for these random walks on every trip.   I captured today's image that evening in Montmartre as we were making our way out of there.  It was hard to leave, not just because of the beauty but because I kept stopping about every 20 feet for another shot!  :-)