Grand Place at oh-dark-thirty

Man, this was an early morning!

If you read my ramblings here enough, you have probably seen me mention my love of shooting at sunrise when I travel.  I just think it's the best time to be out shooting.  Usually it is quiet and peaceful and all the tourists are still in bed.  That's a win in my book.

But sometimes it's SO HARD to get up.  

On my last trip to lovely Brussels (a couple of years ago), I forced myself to get up before dawn one morning so I could get out and shoot Grand Place alone.  I think it's the most beautiful town square in the world, and I wanted it all to myself.  It was just a little hard to do since I had spent a couple of hours the night before in a pub right behind that lovely building.  

Oh well, it was worth the effort!  Thank goodness for auto-focus.  :-)