Blue hour in Vernazza

Evening descends on the Cinque Terre...

I absolutely loved everything about the Cinque Terre.  We spent only 3 days there, but I made the most of it.  I would love to return, although technically I shot everything I wanted to shoot.  It's just that the area is so beautiful that it makes me want to return.

I spent one evening shooting in Vernazza, first up above the town and then down here along the harbor.  While the light wasn't anything to get excited about, the subject matter certainly was.  In this photo, I used my Vu Filters 10 stop filter to get an extended exposure time, allowing the boats to blur out while they bobbed in the waves.

It's sort of a different idea - I think many photographers would want the boats to be still - but I like the outcome here.  It illustrates the movement of the boats, which is very realistic to me.  They were bobbing all around!