Napoleon drank here

Ok, that may not have actually happened.  :-)

When we were in Paris, one of my targets was Les Deux Magots, which is a cafe that was once a hangout for the literary and intellectual elite.  Hemingway was said to be a frequent visitor, for example.  I had shot it before, but I frequently revisit spots and shoot them again. 

Anyway, after doing so I wandered a little bit, and literally about 100 yards away is this little cafe/bar known as Le Bonaparte.  I spent quite a while shooting and just observing the place (and I stopped in for a beer, too).  Something about it just caught my eye.

I have a thing for neon signs and European street scenes, so getting them into a single shot is always a good idea in my book.  And no, I really don't think that Napoleon ever stopped by this place, likely because he died in 1821 and I really doubt this cafe was around then.  :-)