A closer look at Como

The town of Como, Italy is pretty fantastic!

When we traveled throughout Italy last year, our final destination was to be Lake Como.  Our original intent was to stay in Bellagio, because we had been there before and it's an incredible little spot.

However, we couldn't find anything that would work for us there, so we opted to stay in the town of Como, which is about 25 minutes away by boat (and is the largest town on the lake).  Since we also wanted to visit some of the other towns on the lake, we figured that Como would be a good base for that with easy access.  It sure was that and much more.  

We didn't expect to like Como so much, but we really did end up loving it there.  It's a great little town, easy to walk around in with a fairly compact historic city center, and great cafes and restaurants all around.  We liked it so much that we would likely stay there again should we return to the area someday.

I wandered in the old town quite a bit, as I tend to do, and took all sorts of shots of the old streets, the architecture, and everything else that caught my eye.  If you ever find yourself in area, certainly consider staying in Como instead of one of the more famous little lake towns.  You might just be surprised at how awesome it really is!

Today's photos are just a couple of random ones I grabbed on my walks there.  Enjoy!