Blue hour at Drygate Brewery

I spent an evening wandering around in Glasgow, Scotland and stopped in here for a beer along the way.  After that brief respite, I headed back out for more shootin'.  As I was leaving, I happened to turn around to check out where I had just left, and knew I had to get a shot.

It was a quick grab, and it's a single exposure that I edited in Luminar.  I just love shooting at blue hour, and especially if I can find some artificial light to play with, such as the lights on the building and in the sign.  There's something about the man-made light that is sort of fighting with the oncoming darkness that makes me pull out the camera every time.

By the way, below is a video showing how I edited this in Luminar.  I shared the video here a couple of weeks back, but thought it made sense to include it again since I am showing the photo now!

In this video, I take a pretty dark and boring night shot and use a lot of filters, a preset, some masking and slider adjustments to turn it into something much more interesting, all while getting better control over the colors and the light. Let me know if you have any questions!