Traffic in East Austin

I love to shoot light trails.  There is just something really fun about it.

East Austin is a very much up and coming part of town.  I have been over there to shoot a few times over the years, and each time that I go it seems there is more new stuff getting built.  About a week ago, I went over to East 6th Street to shoot a little around sunset.  I was interested in checking out all the new stuff there and capturing some shots in decent light (my last visit there was under a bright sun).

As expected, there was a lot of construction of new apartments and the like, and of course that will bring a host of other new stuff.  Honestly, it's a great location because it's very close to downtown so I can see the attraction (plus I imagine it's a bit cheaper there too).

This was a restaurant I decided to shoot as blue hour was arriving and the sun was setting.  I took a few test shots and then decided having some light trails in the photo would improve it.  So I waited.  It only took a couple of minutes for a few cars to come by and I was able to fire my brackets.

This is a 3 exposure HDR with one really long exposure in there to accentuate the light trails.  The HDR was made in Aurora HDR with a couple of minor adjustments there, and then I took it into Luminar to add some additional stylization.