La Pointe Saint Eustache

A little more texture fun from Paris!

If you saw my recent video about using textures and presets together on a photo, then you know I have been having a lot of fun using textures in my recent photos.  It's not really "my thing" but I definitely find it more interesting than I did in the past.

This photo, for instance, felt like a good use of it to create some art from an otherwise flat shot.  This was a quick grab while wandering somewhere in Paris, and while I liked the lines and the general feel of the shot, the colors and everything else were just off.  No matter what I did to it, the result was the same: it was boring.

So, I decided I would try a texture and some presets (you can find my presets here), and while this is obviously in the "art" category, I like it.  It's certainly more colorful and interesting to me than anything else I could come up with!

BTW, here's the video about using presets and textures together, if you are interested. 

In this video I demonstrate how I combine textures with presets to customize the look of the photo and create a more unique and artistic image. Dive in and let me know if you have any questions! Download a free trial of Luminar here: