The best sunset in Strasbourg

This sunset just kept going and going!

Don't you love it when you get to shoot a lovely, colorful sunset?  I do, and it's what most of us are hopeful for when we head out with the gear.  It's always about the light, and good light is a great thing.

On one of our evenings in Strasbourg, I headed out with hopes for some nice light.  The clouds had been interesting all day, and that always gives me hope that the light will break through and sometime beautiful will occur.

I spent my time wandering to and around Petite France, which is the historic quarter of Strasbourg and the part of town that you likely see a lot of photographs from.  It has that awesome, half-timbered architecture and there is a canal that runs through it.  Really, it's just gorgeous.

Sunset began and it was gorgeous, and although it was cold, it just kept getting more and more intense, and I just couldn't stop shooting.  I have hundreds of shots from this sunset.  Even though my fingertips were frigid, I just didn't care.  It's not like you can just come back tomorrow and finish up.  It was prime time, and I wasn't going to miss ANY of it.

Eventually blue hour descended and of course that was amazing too, with still a bit of light peaking through and me firing brackets like a maniac the entire time.  It was honestly one of the most enjoyable evenings of photography that I can ever recall.