Bits and bobs from Florence

How about a collection of shots from Florence, Italy?  Great!

The Duomo

I have so many photos from our trip to Italy, and in particular from Florence, where we spent 9 days last year.  When I got home, I hurried and cranked out a bunch of them, but since then I haven't had much time for going back into the library to edit more.  I'm overdue.

Today's shots are a group that I edited a few months back, and they have been sitting on my desktop ever since.  Time to get them out into the wild, right?

Technically, these have been displayed here on the blog, because when I first edited them it was to add to the list I was creating, which is the Top Photo Spots in Florence list.  It's a list of the best places to take photos in Florence.  I have quite a few lists like that here on the blog.  Whenever I visit somewhere and feel like I have enough material to add some value, I create one.  It's fun for me, and I get a lot of questions, emails and comments from readers who seem to enjoy these lists and frequently use them for their own trips (which is why I create them).

Evening in Piazza della Signora

Piazza della Repubblica

Inside one of many markets there

The famous pig at Mercato Nuovo

Santa Croce Cathedral

Piazza della Passera

Personally, I research the heck out of a place before I go there, to make sure I can get all the shots that I want to get.  This always involves a bunch of Google searches, Flickr searches and more.  Then I make a list on my phone so that when I arrive, I have a good idea what I want to shoot.

When I return home, I like to make a list to simplify this process for anyone who may be doing a search such as I did.  It's actually fun for me, and apparently helpful for others, so I keep doing it.  Anyway, enjoy these slices of Florence and let me know if you have any questions!