The Chocolate Shop

So many chocolate shops, so little time!

While walking around in Paris, we kept passing this particular chocolate shop because it is near the apartment we rented.  I shot it just about every time I passed, because I thought it looked pretty awesome.  I love the look of the signage and the little cart out front.

But this photo, although it looks like it was taken at night, was actually taken during daytime.  I took this into Luminar and with the generous use of gradient masks, filter, and a preset, was able to craft this sort of vintage night time look.  It's quite easy in Luminar, and I even made a video about it if you would like to learn this technique.  Enjoy!

Download a free trial of Luminar here: In this video I take a somewhat drab daytime shot of an interesting-looking chocolate shop in Paris and give it a vintage feel as well as make it appear as though it was photographed in the evening. Quite easy and fun - take a look!