On the streets of New York

So much to shoot and always so little time!

New York is just an incredible place to shoot, although that's not exactly a revelation.  I have grown to really love visiting there.  Even returning to the same spots, I always find new stuff to shoot.  It's just an insanely rich photographic environment.

Being a big city, New York really comes to life at night.  I think if I lived there I would be out with the camera every night.  There is literally something at every turn.  I don't know how I would ever get any sleep. I would constantly feel like I was missing something!

When there, I love taking photos of the little things I come across, such as the photo below.  It's a simple kebab stand on a corner, but little scenes like this are interesting to me.  For these quick snaps in low light, I usually shoot at about f/2 with a higher ISO and go handheld.  There's something to be said about leaving the tripod at home, even at night.