A long look at the Ponte Vecchio

This is a 3 minute exposure overlooking the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy at sunset.

Last year sometime I started using the Vu Filter System with my Sony camera.  It's a collection of filters with a drop-in system that attach to the front of the camera, and allow you to get extended exposure times with your shots.  You can read about them here and see sample images.

My favorite filter in the kit is the 10 stop, which is basically a solid black piece of glass.  This causes you to have to really extend the exposure time because otherwise no light would get through, and you wouldn't have a picture.  

I have found that once I start taking these really long exposures, I want to take more of them.  There is something that is just so fun about it.  So when we went on our trip to Italy last year, I used that filter a number of times and came back with some memorable images, too.

Today's photo was taken a little while before sunset in Florence, Italy while standing on a bridge and photographing their famous old bridge, the Ponte Vecchio (which literally means "old bridge").  The 3 minute exposure time allowed me to get really smooth water and nice smooth clouds too, which is a key benefit of such a long exposure.  Thanks for looking! 

Although this is a single exposure, I edited the photo in Aurora HDR 2017 by Macphun, which gave me great control over crafting my final look.  You can download a free trail by clicking the banner below if you want to try it out.  It's a great product and one I have used on countless images.